Getting a speeding ticket can be an expensive ordeal. On top of that, you can even receive points on your license,depending on what Duval County traffic ticket you receive. This may result in financial damages indirectly and for the longer term.

Understanding the break-down of the costs of a speeding ticket is important. You need to know whether a ticket is fair or if it is easy to take to court. Looking for some speeding ticket lawyer names in Florida will put you in touch with experts who will be better able to provide you with guidance when you get a Duval County traffic ticket, but it is also vital that you educate yourself with some basic information.

Let’s look at a quick break-down of the cost of speeding tickets in Florida to provide you with the information you need to decide how to proceed after receiving a traffic citation in Duval County.

How Fast Do You Think You Were Going?

The actual speed you were going when you received your Duval County traffic ticket will make a difference for how much you are obligated to pay in penalties. Intuitively, higher speeds over the posted limit will put higher penalties on you. Tickets, where you were going less than five miles over the limit, are easier to beat, as there is always a chance that a speedometer is somewhat off.

Different zones also impact how much your ticket will ultimately cost. School zones or construction sites have specific rules that need to be adhered to when you are driving through or past them. If you break these rules, then you can expect to pay more.

If you have received many speeding tickets in the past, especially in the recent past, then you will likely be hit with a higher financial penalty. This kind of repeated behavior is something that the authorities do not appreciate, and they will usually place heavier penalties on you in an attempt to deter your reckless driving.

In terms of “costs”, a speeding ticket also puts points on your driving record. While these points do not necessarily have an immediate financial impact, they can make your driving more expensive in the longer term. Even with a single speeding ticket, you can expect to see your auto insurance rates climb. The more you speed, the higher your insurance rates will be.

What Precise Costs Can I Expect?

Speeding more than ten miles over the speed limit will likely set you back anywhere from $190 to $225. However, more reckless speeds of more than twenty miles over the limit will likely provide you with penalties from $265 to $300. If your offense treads into the truly reckless and exceeds thirty miles over the speed limit, then the rates go even higher, sometimes as high as $375. If this is done in a sensitive zone, such as a school zone, you will easily be charged with more than $550 in penalties, and reckless driving often results in a loss of your license entirely.

Drive Safe And Look For Speeding Ticket Lawyer Names In Florida

The best way to stay out of trouble with speeding tickets is to drive safely at all times. When you run into trouble, remember the information outlined here and find a speeding ticket attorney to guide you through the process.