The Core Teaching Principles Of Quran

Many of the people like to learn Arabic as a second language medium, well only learning isn’t necessary and there should be complete understanding too. It is really challenging for Muslims to learn and understand the Quran in its native language. Often there are the options for the Muslims especially to be a part of Arabic language courses which are held at the nearest religious schools or in universities but that could be expensive for a lot of families to afford. With help of online Quran classes, you can fill in the gap between the Quran teaching and the Arabic education in just affordable fees in the institution of your demand providing you the complete coverage of the Islamic principles.  Here the main goal is to create a connection between the top best tutors for the Muslim students of all the age groups. There would also be a tutoring session for the provision of feedback and to grant some motivation to the students and to teach them that how they could use and implement the basic principles of Islam and Quran.  The purpose is providing a completely calm and peaceful learning environment that is hard for the students to find in the current situations. You can learn Quran online simply by following incorporations:


-    Memorization of the Holy Quran.

-    Studying Hadith and making the students to learn it for the students to better understand the principles of Islam and their implementation on daily life.

-    To create creed and Aqidah between Allah and Man.

-    To make them learn about law and Fiqh

-    To teach them the history of Islam starting from the first revelation to the status of Islam till now.


The syllabus for online Quran lessons would be based on complete research and practice expertise in internet learning and the learning and teaching of the principles of Quran and Arabic as a second language. The syllabus has been completely developed by the practicing experience educators.  The main focus of this teaching is on the basic principles that assist the teaching philosophies. 


Principle 1

-    Paralleled mastery and excellence teaching in Arabic and Quran should be demonstrated by the Teachers

For the teaching of the Islamic Principles, the first and the most important thing is the excellence of the teachers. Teachers here are responsible for their attempts and they are recruited uniquely who have got competency in Quran and in Arabic. The teachers who have been the winners at a global level are hired for the teaching. The main motive is to match the students with the right teachers based on the students’ abilities to solve one-on-one assessments and also on the basis of the feedback they get from their parents suiting their behavioral needs. There would also be some creative tasks for the students to engage them and to provide them more balanced tone so that they could complete their assignment by being more motivated and interested. Behavioral aspects are also important in this aspect as they provide a specific approach towards education. Teachers are completely trained for gauging the students’ emotional aptitude and actions. This is how teachers would be able to adjust adapting themselves for preparation of the lessons to ensure that the students are getting maximum benefits. It is our belief that learning is not only important for the students but also for the teachers. Therefore a regular opportunity is provided to the students so that they could add more value to their ongoing training. Teachers would also be taught about how they can use interactive tools for making their teaching methods more effective and beneficial.


Principle 2

-    Contents are tailored to the student's progress and needs

It is an open fact that teachers could be great until they have quality content. There could be contents and material on the internet and in the market but not each content and material fits the needs of each student based on their mindsets and learning skills. Our approach here is to design and implement a perfect syllabus for each student and to address the weak areas of every student so that the deficiencies could be easily covered and there could be progress. It also includes the regular exercises and special focus and emphasis over the specific skills of the students to make this sure that the students are getting their required learning including the reading, writing, listening or expression. The coursework and the syllabus for online Quran courses is designed by keeping the students’ demographics in mind like for the students who have been living near Arab areas or who have access to the people who speak Arabic, the tasks and assignments are not specific to the basic details for them. The content is completely designed to cater to the demands of the students and to address their needs.


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