Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas - Key Person Of ABG

Every business needs lot of efforts and it is not possible by a single person. Every renowned company has the best staff at all levels. In a similar way, the Al Badia group of companies has the best staff at the entire levels, even a group has the best team at managerial level, who are well capable in managing the diversified business activities in a proper way. The Al Badie group of companies is a renowned and well known company in the UAE, and people are looking to work with this company. ABG has a very strong managerial level, the president of ABG is Mr. Mohammed Jo’an Al Badie, VP of a Company, is Mr. Khaled Al Badie, another key person of a company is Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas. Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas is Group Chief Operating Officer of the Al Badie group of companies.

Dr. Yaseen has a very good professional experience, he is experienced in developing and implementing the business strategies, which lead to business success. In any business, success depends upon the business strategies, and it should be implemented in an effective way to achieve the positive result in the business. Thus, Dr. Yaseen is using his knowledge and experience in ABG.