Top Principles While Reading The Holy Quran

Following are some of the principles of the reading and the learning of the Holy Quran which are necessary for everyone who wishes to get guidance as well as peace from the learning of the Holy Quran:

-    Realize the exaltedness and the greatness of the Holy Quran

It has also been stated numerous times in the Holy Quran that it is important and great as well. The mountains could not be able to bear the ability which Allah made man to carry this burden. This is why a person who is reading the Holy Quran for the purpose of learning or even understanding it should realize the sublimity and the magnitude of this Holy Book.

-    Quran is the word of Allah

A person who wants to read the Quran or does read should know and understand that Allah is the owner of the Quran and he is the one who is responsible for the safety of the Quran. Quran is the word of Allah and it is the duty of every Muslim to follow what’s written in the Quran.

-    Read with tranquility

Once a scholar was asked that if anything comes to his heart when he reads the Holy Quran and he replied that for his nothing is lovelier than the Quran and nothing could come in his heart while reading it.

-    Contemplation

Most of the times it happens that people read the Quran without thinking into detail about it. Quran is not a book to just read it randomly while there’s a lot to think about it and to draw lessons and conclusions from it. Reading Quran slowly is regarded as a Sunnah so one may get time to think while reading.

-    Understanding

A person, who reads the Holy Quran, should read it with complete understanding because the real purpose of reading Holy Quran is to understand what you are reading and to implement the teachings of Quran in daily life.

-    Keep away from the misunderstandings states

While you are reading the Holy Quran, you should be in a state where there is no chance of any misunderstanding of the content of the Quran. You should be in your complete conscious while reading the Holy Quran to understand the complete true meaning of what’s written in it. The mental state of the person proves to be a great obstacle in the understanding of the Holy Quran. There are a lot of people out there who read the Quran and its translation and thinks that the Quran contains just those apparent meanings and their hearts are affected by what is written in the Quran. They are very few people who understand the deep meanings behind the written words.

-    Think yourself to be the addressee of the Quran

A person while reading the Quran should think himself to be the addressee of the Quran this is how he could better understand what is in the Quran and get complete knowledge about what’s written in it.

-    Get affected by the Quran

The person who reads the Holy Quran should have a complete understanding of what he is reading. His heart should be moved by the meanings of the verses and the contents of the Holy Quran.  When he reads the Quran, he should think and feel about it and implement its teachings in his daily life. You can get the Online Quran Courses to have the complete understanding of the Holy Quran.


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