Things To Know About Microsoft Windows And Computer Security


Recent newsmaker stories regarding Microsoft Windows security highlighted the recurring theme that there are "care and feeding" issues related to using computers in the dynamic, connected world of the Internet. Just days ago this month, computer users of home PCs, businesses, and mobile laptop users were affected. In this case, the issue was an animated cursor (typically, an ".ANI" file) exploit, which abused a Windows feature, and therefore created the issue.


The impact potential was high; if attacked, most recent versions of Windows (2000, XP, 2003, Vista) permitted the bug to engage "Remote Code Installation and Execution" without the user's knowledge. Under the right conditions, simply viewing a baited web page windows 10 Professionnel could set into motion the steps to infect the host PC with progressively damaging malfunctioning software (malware). The malware could take many forms, in a stealth-like fashion, with users unable to detect anything unusual, which makes this particular infection damaging to Internet coupled PCs. At worst, potentially your PC could automatically join a network of remotely controlled "zombie" computers, ready to perform additional malicious tasks to the acheter connected world under remote direction. PCs left powered on for long periods unattended or in "screen saver" mode could do lots of downstream damage, switching to a more subdued, "light-impact" mode when the unsuspecting user returned to the PC.


This particular exploit was notable, in that a variant was apparently identified and patched in 2005, with a second form of the exploit surfacing in December 2006. Further, the typical practice of using firewalls, anti-spyware, and anti-virus applications would not Office 2019 Professionnel  have prevented infection, leaving many users with a false sense of security, so to speak. Reportedly, the exploit could happen whether you used Firefox or something other than Internet Explorer 7 under Windows Vista (in protected mode) to browse the web (though Vista was not totally immune).


The good news- there have been several patch updates from Microsoft to correct this condition on the windows update website. This real-life technology clé licence d'activation drama may illuminate a thought in your own situation. Is now maybe a good time to review my own procedure for ensuring a secured and sound computing environment in my company? Could be; Array Systems suggests the following basic operational components be included in a security review:


Make sure you have recent versions and current definition (signature) updates. There are license fees/renewals with most products, which should be maintained or checked.


Similar to Anti-Virus in function- ensure updates and versions are current for this tool to be effective. This can be part of a suite of defense products, all with the intent of providing added protection.


A free Microsoft web service that provides direct and concise access to software updates for Microsoft products (Windows, Office, etc.) You can set manual or automated updates, but you should understand the ramifications of each method.


Hardware firewall devices are preferred, as some software based firewall/Internet security products can be ineffective for certain environments.