As the world gets crowded and more expensive, we see situations where both parents need to establish a source of income to manage the affairs of the family effectively.

For many Muslim families, that means lacking in the areas of studying the Quran or having the time for a teacher to come home and tutor the kids without the supervision of the parents.

Furthermore, there is the problem of not finding a qualified teacher who can effectively teach you or your kids the Quran effectively especially for families residing outside Arab speaking/Muslim countries.

Alhamdulillah, technology has bridged that gap for most Muslims across the globe. These days all you need is to browse the internet for a school, choose a course, a tutor in some instances and start learning the Quran from basic stage to advance level and even becoming a Hafiz- all online; right in the comfort of your living room, no questions asked.

How effective is learning the Quran online?

This is a question that also keeps you at the edge of your sit has a clear cut answer. To learn the Quran online is not easy but it has proven to be the best place to educate our millions of Muslims who themselves are starting to forget the importance of the Quran in their pursuit of worldly ideas.

Online Quran classes are just like a physical Quran school where lessons are taught according to the level and comprehension of the student but this time through the computer.

Despite all the negative reviews that online Quran classes have garnered, it still remains one of the most effective methods of teaching Quran to young and adult Muslims who have no time to spend in a regular Quran class.

With that said, online Quran classes have proven very effective for Muslims around the world to learn the Quran conveniently without any hassles.

Why learning the Quran online has become the way to go for young and old Muslims?

Looking at our world and how technological inclined it has become, it will be rather unwise to leave the act of learning the Quran away from technology with almost every facet of life going online.

These days we see e-banking, e-commerce, e-health, and e-learning, so it is also right to have e-classes for Muslims who want to learn the Quran.

Moreover, young people seem to comprehend daily activity better when it’s attached to technology hence the reason why learning the Quran online is the way to go. Furthermore, people are now accustomed to convenience so much that it has become somewhat luxurious to teach online Quran classes. It is also a way to cut cost and save energy while entertaining your needs and doing other chores effectively

What are the benefits of learning Quran Online?

You are able to connect with various qualified tutors who are well-learned in the field of the Quran and learning from the best in the world at all level with the need to establish a relationship with them

However, ensure you make the choice of joining reputable online Quran classes/school like where the lessons are centered on you.

You get certified and qualified with recognized certificates from online Quran academy. This certification also gives you the opportunities for teaching the Quran tomorrow as an online tutor which many online Quran classes seek good tutors who can help with a large number of students learning Quran online

Online Quran classes are economical, affordable, and save you time and the troubles of traveling to a new destination all to learn the Quran – which is not a bad thing but online Quran classes, have given parents the means to supervise the progress of their kids without the fear of terror that lurks in dark places.

Furthermore, online Quran tuition is normal compared to the amount of fee you would pay if you are registering at an academy or Islamic institute.

You can gain not only how to read the Quran but also learn another field like of the Quran like Tajweed, Qiraat, memorization, Tafseer and even becoming a fluent Arabic speaker with clear intonation of the language in an online Quran class.

Online Quran classes are a safer learning environment especially for female students and young children who can come under harm when they are outside the comfort of their homes.

Online Quran classes are dream come true for people who truly want to learn the true essence of the religion of Islam and the Quran. So if you desire to seek the knowledge and wisdom locked in the Quran, online Quran Classes will help you achieve that.

Tips for becoming successful at online Quran Classes

Start with a pure intention to learn

Allah SWT judges according to our intentions, everyone who reads the Quran and learns the Quran gets a reward from Allah but it is accorded according to your intentions.

So before you decide to enroll in an online Quran class, ask yourself, I am ready to do this now? Although there is no better time to learn the Quran, learning it without using the wisdom herein will be a waste of resources and time.

To succeed in learning the Quran whether online or offline, we must make a clear intention solely for the sake of Allah SWT and at the end of it look back and be proud of our skills and how far we have learned.

Search for credible online tutors and school

You must definitely can’t learn from a half-baked online Quran tutor; and just like everything online, we have seen cases of fake people posing as qualified Islamic and Quran tutors that swindle people of their hard earned money all in the name of learning the Quran.

Others even have turned the teachings of the Quran misinforming their students and brainwashing them with extreme ideologies instead of teaching them the beauty of the Quran. Prior to joining any online Quran classes, do proper research, go on social media and check them out or look for the people in the testimonials and confirm their motto and mission.

As important as it is to seek knowledge, it is also vital to seek it from people who following the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah of the prophet Muhammad SAW.

Stay Committed and Dedicated

Many people and students fail in their online Quran classes due to laziness and from thinking that since they are at home, they can do whatever they want as unlike when you attend a physical class.

This has caused so many failures or the extension of classes leading to money paid for a lesson or a repeat of a course. Furthermore, people also feel because it's online, they instead of their online Quran tutors are in charge leading to insubordination and gross disregard for the teacher and the program.

As mentioned above make up your mind before you join a class and then stay committed and dedicated to it. Also remember, those who Allah has called learn the Quran, don’t let Shaitan rule your heart.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The practice is the key to success, when you finish a class each day, sit back and recite the lessons learned that day. This way you will catch up faster and complete a course earlier than stated.

Part of learning the Quran is your ability to memorize it; this can only happen with consistent practice on the part of a student.

Be Accountable

This can be difficult when you are learning the Quran online since you are not aware of another student online at the same time as you. However, you can be accountable by having a real-time buddy or Quran friend, who will listen to how far you have learned and how well you are doing.

Download Quran apps and follow then diligently as you study the Quran online.

Factors to consider when choosing an Online Quran Class/School

Reliability – for any online Quran classes to be able to teach the Quran, it must be reliable and certified at it. Therefore as a student looking to study the Quran online ensure they are reliable and have satisfied tens or even hundreds of students before you indulge them

Collaboration – just been an online Quran school is great but to get more people to want to register with you, the online school should collaborate with Islamic and Quran Institutes and have a number of Hafiz who have graduated from its school as evidence of how good their performance is.

Detailed course outline – online classes can jumble up the courses without any clear outline of the process and how to tackle it.

When choosing an online Quran school, go through their courses and see how detailed it is. For example, for non-Arabic speaking people, the course should include teaching them the language and how it is used.

Furthermore, your tutor should be able to walk you through the online process especially for first-timers who are new to computers and online Quran classes

Affordable – if you are looking to learn Quran online at an affordable cost, then you are most definitely welcome to This has been an online Quran class with the best curriculum, tutors, and program to make your online Quran classes a wow experience.

Another reason for joining us is the price; our online Quran tuition is manageable and will not burn a hole through your pockets. We are here to serve you and we promise that the knowledge you will get from our online Quran program is second to none anywhere online.

Flexible Classes – when you decide to register with us, we give you a free trial for the program you intend to enroll for; this is to allow you know our teaching skills, how we function and if we are what you want. Furthermore, every student is asked to fill out a form where you answer certain questions, these questions are to create a suitable learning time that will allow you comprehend the topic of each day as we nurture you to excellence.

Go for live classes –a student that goes for online Quran classes enjoy the interaction with a live audience rather than a prerecorded version where you student feels alone. At all our classes are live viewing, where each student sees the teacher and have a student-teacher interaction which will also hasten the comprehension problem

Choice of tutors – since different people and age group come online to learn the Quran, it will be ideal for the online Quran classes to have tutors in both sexes to handle male and female student alike. It will be also right to have tutors that have the qualifications to handle kids and make the class lively and fun as they learn Quran online.

The following are some factors to consider when looking out for online Quran classes, you can also ask others who have undergone the online Quran classes how it was and what their experience was like.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) said, “I am leaving behind among you the holy book and the Sunnah, if you, follow these in letters and spirit, you will never be strayed” – Hadith 318 Hakim Al Mustadrik

To understand the true meaning of the Quran is essentially to give it the importance it needs. To do this we need to gather all the appropriate and reliable information about the Quran.

The Quran is the fundamental book of knowledge for a true Muslim and the only way to complete the deen is to learn the Quran. With the limitations of learning the Quran the regular way, online Quran classes have taken over to help millions of Muslims who have access to phone, tablets and Personal computer, connectivity to learn the Quran wherever and whenever they feel like.

Online Quran classes like that of are following the instructions of the prophet (SAW)  to spread the knowledge of the Quran to the far ends of the earth just as he was born in Mecca but the knowledge of the Quran went as far as the eye can see.

Learning the Quran is a religious obligation of every Muslim, teaching it is even more rewarding: Learn Quran online today

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