Where is your family from as well as why did they come to America?


Have you ever visited the communist countries of China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Laos, or Vietnam?


I've had the honor of traveling to numerous parts of the globe, and fell in love with the people of almost every nation. My heart made those who were not able to take pleasure in the liberties of selection as well as self direction that Americans consider approved each day.


What do you provide for a living? Whether you are a physician, instructor, auto mechanic, IT individual, or full-time parent; I would envision you chose that path for your life due to the fact that you delighted in particular aspects of that job, and you have the ability to be made up for it.


Suppose you had no say in the direction of your life, and your future was solely dictated to you by the federal government?


I can not believe of a faster method to dispatch the stimulate of life in one's eyes than entirely eliminating their own agency from their lives. Sadly, that is what takes place in communist/socialist countries America National politics.


Do you want to relocate there permanently as well as give up your American liberties and also opportunities?


Do you intend to make America into another China, Russia, Cuba, North Korea, Laos, or Vietnam?


Your prospect for Head of state in America need to have 2 purposes:


1) Dedication to growing the stability and also strength of their nation.


2) The candidate needs to dedicate to secure and protect their residents' rights.


Why do individuals leave a country?


- Fear of safety for themselves as well as their family from physical violence.


- Fear of mistreatment for their beliefs.


- Remarkable poverty and also no opportunities for transforming it.


- Government corruption and also overreach that stifles private choices and growth and forces conformity.


Are you as well as your family members looking to import where they originated from to America?


What are the differences between their residence nation as well as America?


Your prospect for President in America should have 2 goals?


1) Be dedicated to expanding the stability and also toughness of their country.


2) The candidate needs to commit to protect as well as protect their residents' legal rights.


Obtain the truths, think thoroughly prior to you act as well as choose Head of state of the United States on Nov. 3, 2020!


I have enjoyed checking out, teaching, and performing on my violin and viola throughout the globe. This includes communist nations. I have actually always been happy and also delighted ahead back house to America and also our lots of blessings as well as liberties! It is a real eye opener to see just how fortunate we are in America.


We have several chances right here to begin an organization, select the work we would love to do, to possess building, pray as we pick, secure our legal rights to totally free speech, protect ourselves as well as our residence as well as residential property, the right to assume and share our ideas with others.


We have good cleanliness, pipes, drinkable running water, electrical power with restrooms that work which enable you to wash your hands with soap and water to maintain microorganisms and sickness from going through whole cities America Politics.


After going to these international areas, I was constantly so happy for the blessings and also flexibilities of living as well as operating in America.


" In Communism the federal government has all building and pays its residents equally. People own absolutely nothing. The federal government chooses your job as well as tells you what to do. They own you! There is no free choice!"


Communism/Socialism is frequently thought about in academic and media circles as an "whatever is complimentary since it is a right". There is no freedom when you rely on the government to determine what you are worthy of.


The American Change has actually stood the examination of time because we are reminded that our freedoms originate from God, not male.


Communism gets rid of all your civil liberties, your home, your opportunities, your options, as well as your liberties. This includes reasoning, praise, organization.


Birds Eye Sight on Communism in Russia:


The film, Moscow on the Hudson" (1984) was created as well as guided by Paul Mazursky and starred Robin Williams, as Vladimir Ivanoff, a saxophonist with the Moscow Circus that is doing and seeing in New york city City. He makes a decision to flaw while buying at Bloomingdale's in New York City. Supervisor Mazursky said the idea for the movie came from his very own grandpa emigrating to the United States from Russia.


He states, "Many Russians, are just attempting to survive. Yet, all Russians that leave their country, leave something they prize and also love. It's a terrible conflict for them, so the act of fearlessness is overwhelming."


The movie opens with Vladimir in Russia living "in a jampacked house with his extended family." After that "he stands in line for hrs to buy toilet tissue as well as footwear." It takes so long to get the toilet tissue and footwear that he's late to rehearsal. Boris, the communist celebration member, KGB,


" slams Vladimir for being late to wedding rehearsal and suggests Vladimir may miss the coming close to journey to the United States.". Vladimir instantly turn over to Boris, the shoes from the store that made him late. After rehearsal Vladimir opts for his good friend to buy gasoline for his auto from a "black market dealership."


After Vladimir issues he has a number of American people who have actually right away accepted aid him. They give him an area to remain with their household, help him in discovering job, and also a recent American citizen from Cuba that his legal representative.


True blessings of America: America is not best, yet it is our last sign of hope!


America was improved Judeo/Christian values, law and order, nonpartisanship, commercialism, entrepreneurship, as well as free markets. America is a land of possibilities. Our USA Constitution protects our flexibilities. The framers of our Constitution were sensible sufficient to recognize that our unalienable civil liberties did not come from federal government or man; they originated from God. They were also smart adequate to develop the Constitution and Bill of Legal rights to be exclusionary (clarifying what Government can refrain from doing, instead of all things it might do).


The really freedoms that a lot of us consider given like the quest of life, freedom, and the quest of happiness, freedom of religion, free speech, liberty of journalism, liberty of assembly, and freedom to request the federal government to appropriate wrongs are what make this nation excellent. It is additionally why this great country of ours is a magnet for individuals from around the world who respond to the "battle-cry of their hearts to be totally free by seeking citizenship."


Your prospect for President in America should have 2 objectives?


1) Commitment to expanding the security as well as strength of their country.


2) The candidate should dedicate to shield and defend their residents' legal rights.


What is Kristallnacht?


Kristallnacht, (also called the Night of Broken Glass). On November 9-10, 1938, Pogroms, fierce riots, (strikes, looting, arson, mass arrests, and also death) were carried out against the Jews by SA paramilitary forces (tornado cannon fodders) and also private citizens throughout Nazi Germany, Austria, the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, Slovak, Bohemia, Poland, and Moravia. These rioters destroyed, assaulted, appropriated, as well as knocked down Jewish organizations, houses, institutions, healthcare facilities, as well as Synagogues with sledgehammers. After the assaults shattered glass was left on the roads.


" British historian Martin Gilbert created that no occasion in the background of German Jews between 1933 and 1945 was so commonly reported as it was occurring, as well as the accounts from international journalists operating in Germany sent shockwaves all over the world."


The Times of London observed on November 11,1938: "No foreign propagandist bent upon smudging Germany before the globe can outshine the story of burnings and also whippings, of blackguardly assaults on helpless as well as innocent people, which disgraced that nation yesterday."


Communism is overall federal government control. Damaging down of law and order, robbery devastation, arson, death. Pogroms, Kristallnacht, getting rid of statues (getting rid of history), inculcating the young, (brain washing), no liability, versus independent thinking, against self-sufficiency, versus family members worths, against faith, versus human spirit. Tramples on constitution. Takes all your rights as well as freedoms away America Politics.


Where is my family members from?


My family is from Russia as well as Hungary where there were no civil liberties, no selections, no opportunities, no totally free speech, no right to a reasonable test. You did what the government authorities told them to do. There was no freedom of expression. No owning of residential property. There was no option in anything. The federal government determined what your occupation would be. When you argued to attempt and shield yourself, they would certainly toss you behind bars and kill you.


America is the only place you can go from cloths to treasures. In various other countries if you were born inadequate you stay this way permanently. Mark J. Quann, author, said in 2017, "Immigrants Are Four Times Most Likely to End Up Being Millionaires in America."


The amount of immigrants show up in the USA yearly? "Greater than 1 million immigrants get here in the U.S. every year. In 2017, the leading native land for new immigrants entering into the U.S. was India, with 126,000 people, adhered to by Mexico (124,000), China (121,000) and Cuba (41,000)." https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2019/06/17/key-findings-about-u-s-immigrants/


Ages 18 or Older: What happens if what you are being told is Not 100% real? Do you examine what you are told as well as seek to examine the truth? Do you inform yourself? Are you liable for your actions? What is your goal or dream?


Just in America will certainly you be given the chance to pick your dream as well as help it!


Rebecca Walser, skilled author of "Riches Unbroken", claims, In America "you are empowered to take control of your life, your fate, and that is something billions of people do not have."


Communist China in 2016 had a population of 1.4 billion. "Their residents had just an ordinary per head disposable income of $3,469 in 2016." Compare this "to 320 million Americans that had $43,536 per head disposable yearly income that exact same year." (Walser, Wide Range Unbroken).


Your prospect for Head of state in America should have 2 purposes?


1) Be devoted to growing the stability as well as toughness of their nation.


2) The prospect needs to commit to shield and also protect their residents' legal rights.


Why have many numerous people pertain to America? America is Not Perfect, yet it has chances and also incredible opportunities that communism does not have!!!!!


These immigrants from Russia, China, Laos, as well as other nations who have actually ended up being residents of America are "Not pleading" to return to the countries they have actually left from!


These 5 plus months of the pandemic and also being homebound has actually brought tension and also anxiousness to America with civil unrest, rioting, looting, and also murder. This is a tip of pogroms in Russia and also Kristallnacht, (Evening of Broken Glass) in Nazi Germany, Austria, the Sudetenland, Czechoslovakia, Slovak, Bohemia, Poland, as well as Moravia America Politics.


Believe and obtain truth realities, prior to you vote for President of the USA on Nov 3, 2020!


Your candidate for President in America should have 2 purposes?


1) Be committed to expanding the security as well as strength of their nation.


2) The candidate must dedicate to safeguard and also safeguard their residents' legal rights.


Remember what Head of state Ronald Reagan said, "Flexibility is never more than one generation far from termination ... It should be defended, secured, and also handed on for them to do the very same.".


Assume and get real truths prior to you elect on Nov. 3, 2020.


Do you wish to keep your legal rights and benefits in America or give them up?


History of American Voting Civil Liberties.


One of the remarkable points regarding staying in the USA of America is that we do not undergo fifty percent as several struggles to elect as recently democratic nations. Although currently it may appear that ballot is practically taken for given, the history of American ballot rights is not so quite. This write-up will certainly consider the development of the American ballot rights from the birth of the nation until now.


In the beginning of American background, just white males over the age of 21 can take part in the ballot. In addition, the president and also vice president were chosen independently, and legislators were not directly elected whatsoever. Bear in mind the selecting university's enact concerns to the presidency, as well. Nonetheless, there were a number of changes that occurred throughout our background to place the elections much more in the hands of the people-all individuals.


After the Civil Battle ended, the recently reunited nation passed numerous changes allowing the freshly launched servants more civil liberties than ever before, apparently equal with those of white residents. Initially, the 13th Change abolished slavery, as well as compelled yoke, and continues to ban these practices. Second, the 14th Modification made slaves as well as their descendents complete people of the USA, and provided the exact same legal rights as every other resident in America. Lastly, the 15th Amendment prohibited citizen discrimination based on race, shade, and also heritage. With each other, these were called the Repair Modifications.


You may have noticed that although individuals might not legitimately avoid others from electing based on color, there was nothing included concerning gender. Even after African-American men obtained the right to vote, ladies of both colors were not able to do so. Ultimately, in 1920, the 19th Modification provided women suffrage. This sought straight election of legislators was provided to the people (17th Amendment, 1913) America Politics.


The Vietnam War was a time of wonderful civil unrest. Initially, the 26th Change decreased the voting age to 18 since 18-year-olds were being sent off to battle without even obtaining the possibility to choose their leader. This took place in 1971. Earlier, however additionally during the lengthy span of time of the Vietnam War, the little methods individuals handicapped African-Americans from electing pertained to national focus.


Individuals powerless black voters by setting up survey taxes, proficiency tests, and also grandpa clauses. Due to the fact that these were unreasonable and borderline illegal, people rebelled versus these methods, which lead to President Lyndon Johnson signing the National Voting Legal Right Act of 1965. This act made the discrimination versus black citizens totally unlawful.


An Elect Industrialism Or Corporatism.


A window of chance will certainly remain in the political election of 2011. This home window will certainly allow you to cast your ballot, for or versus company America. While I have to confess, that the company influence is healthy and balanced on both sides of the island, it is dominate away. You definitely do not need me to tell you which side has actually fallen entirely in bed with the adversary of commercialism.


You only need to notice, who is attempting to equip company tax obligation evasion, corporate authority, in taking down lengthy established labor regulations and that looks for to alter our entitlements (social safety, Medicare) into privately run business that's intention would certainly be to make money, as opposed to assist those that need aid. While they are pushing now, more challenging than they ever before have, they are still unwavering in not allowing the rich to pay at the very least as much taxes as the middle course.


Big corporations pay less than 15 percent in tax obligations, some in fact pay none. Some pay no taxes as well as receive free money from the federal government in addition to that; called aids. Warren Buffet (Billionaire) remarks that his personal assistant pays a higher tax rate than he himself does. The millionaire tax obligation brace is technically 35 percent currently, after the George Bush tax obligation cuts; yet they seldom pay this price as they use funding gains approach to submit, and this tax bracket is around 15 percent. Since Head of state Obama's election, there has been a fight to raise the millionaire bracket from 35 percent to the initial 39 percent. This was the keystone with the new republican tea ceremony; that they were deemed to of held congress captive over not permitting that 4 percent boost. Rather, they pressed really hard to make huge cuts, all of which will certainly come straight out of the pockets of the poor and also middle courses.


The Bush tax cuts took 2.5 trillion bucks out of the United States economy over one decade. 2 battles another 2 trillion bucks. The Bush deregulation of monetary regulations, permitted greedy financial institutions as well as their Chief Executive Officer's to manipulate poor mortgage, which led to the economic accident of 2008, that we are still dealing with. All the above, were activities created by corporate power and influence with our federal government, completely as much as the workdesk of the presidency its self. Every one of this discomfort to our economy was developed by millionaires, billionaires as well as effective companies.


With the current financial obligation ceiling dilemma, we now discover that it is NOT business America who will certainly spend for these shocking activities, however those who were the targets to begin with; the middle course. Company riches has actually boosted 10 layer in ten years, while the middle course has actually been downsized with increasing healthcare costs, and flat salaries. Business America has 2.5 trillion bucks conserved up and also tucked away right here in the United States. The cost-effective collapse of 2008 showed them just how to run their companies with much less individuals, elevating their earnings, and maintaining unemployment very high. Business America is estimated to have 2 trillion dollars tucked away in off shore accounts to prevent the little taxes they do pay. This cash, will certainly never ever trickle down to the middle course - not in a million years. Furthermore, one tenth of one percent of the worlds populace possesses 55 percent of the globes wide range America National politics.


In these times, its very crucial to not confuse conventional politics with business syndicates in this one regard. Traditional individuals have a valid disposition as do liberals. Each event is just a favored method of developing the government. In fact, all nations all over the world have these two possibilities that are kept in equilibrium.


Yet the sad point below is that conservatives have had their celebration infiltrated by huge corporate cash and also manipulation; drawing the puppet strings of congress, bombarding state legislatures with professional corporate costs. The traditional pundits (individuals who speak about politics) are paid, and also paid well by these business teams which have gotten into the conventional party as a hook worm lives under the skin. The corporations have glided in under the radar with conservatists, by hiding under the umbrella of traditional concepts, however actually they have actually now surpassed the conservative motion; and to the conservatives hinderance they have actually been educated to protect the same oppressor via the barrage of the media statements the experts are paid to task.


A Democratic, Market Problem That Brings completion of America As Forecast by Daniel the Prophet.


Alexander Tyler, a Scottish background teacher at the College of Edinburgh, assessed the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior. He is credited with stating that a freedom is constantly momentary until citizens uncover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the bulk constantly votes for the prospects who assure the most gain from the public treasury, so every freedom will ultimately break down over loose monetary plan, (which is) constantly adhered to by a dictatorship.


The typical age of the globe's greatest worlds has been about 200 years throughout during which we see this sequence: "From chains to spiritual faith; From spiritual faith to wonderful nerve; From nerve to freedom; From liberty to abundance; From abundance to complacency; From complacency to passiveness; From lethargy to dependancy; From reliance back right into chains." America's Obituary: Birthed 1776, Passed away 2012.


America, established as a republic, is now a democracy where the majority ballot money on their own in welfare programs. Demographics are an approaching problem with amnesty of unlawful aliens, as suggested by Daniel's prophetic book.


Professor Olson adds: "In accumulation, the map of the area Romney won was primarily the land owned by the taxpaying residents of the nation.


Obama area primarily encompassed those residents living in reduced revenue tenements and also living off different types of government well-being ..." Virtually fifty percent of the US is in the "governmental dependency" stage. If Congress grants amnesty and also citizenship to twenty million criminal invaders called illegals, we can bid farewell to the UNITED STATES.


Does the Scriptures have any type of light on this topic? When inquired about completion of the world, Christ claimed to recognize the book of Daniel. Matthew 24:3,15. "During the end" the king of the north "overflows" the king of the south, Daniel 11:40. Who is the king of the north? The Scriptures is its very own expositor-it translates itself ...

In Ezekiel 26:7, the king of the north is the king of Babylon, however we additionally see that in the end-time, this is not concerning a city in Iraq, however concerning overwhelmed systems of government, health and wellness, eduction, well-being and faith (Babylon).


Babylon is redefined in Rev 17:5 where we see images of a church riding the beast of New Globe Order. The lady (church) is entailed with politics, It's a rich church dressed with gold and the color of scarlet, being in a city of 7 hillsides, and also drunken with the blood of saints-historically a maltreating church.


So how does Babylon "overflow" the king of the south? With millions of illegal immigrants overruning our southern border having their main obligation to the pope, it's no enigma exactly how the king of the north will win in a democracy in which millions vote as informed.


A close friend asked a Mexican pair that he satisfied in Montana why they move there. They responded, The priest informed us to move here.


The pope says he has not a problem with a Marxist label, (Google it) however he would not concur with Marx that religious beliefs is "the opium of individuals. The abolition of religious beliefs as the illusory joy of individuals is needed for their actual happiness.".


However maybe Marx is right when it pertains to Catholicism. Many think they can live as they please via the week, yet get to paradise by paying the clergyman on Sunday.


The pope wants to see a redistribution of riches. Why not admit the priest can not forgive wrongs (Mark 2:7) as well as give back the money to the bad that, sometimes, provided the clergyman their last cow to get papa out of purgatory (a word not discovered in the Scriptures).


In contrast to every various other nation south of our boundary, America was founded by Protestants taking the chance of rainy seas, bitter wintertimes and malnourishment to flee the Old World Order oppression tht we can be inviting under New Globe Order, Rev 13:15 -17.


Pioneers offered us a Constitution various from every other nation in its provisions for self-government as well as splitting up of church as well as state to make sure that Congress need to make no legislations favoring a spiritual establishment (like they performed in the college voucher program preferring parochial colleges of which the excellent bulk are Catholic as are the Supreme Court Justices, etc


. Prior To Voting, Consider Your SIGHT Of America!


Today, we seem to be experiencing an amount of time, when there is more strife, division, and also polarization, as we have actually seen, in recent memory, and, maybe, the larger amount of people, who seem to be, resistant, to seek any type of commonalities, in order to protect, a much better possibility at getting to, a meeting - of - the - minds, than, this nation has seen, given that our Civil War! No question, there are numerous reasons for this, including, financial, racial/ ethnic, etc, however, a lot of this, may have been, brought - to - a - head, as a result of the unusual nature of Head of state Trump, and, the way, he commonly appears, to appeal, to hatred as well as divisiveness, instead of bringing people together! Why do lots of, that oppose Trump, fall short to be able to see, anything, favorable about his management, while Trump advocates, remain dedicated to him, as well as nothing, he seems to claim, or do, adjustments that? Wouldn't it make good sense, before ballot, each people, should, seriously, think about, our SIGHT of what this nation stands for, has stood for, is today, and what we hope for, into the future? Keeping that in mind, this post will attempt to, briefly, think about, analyze, review, and also review, making use of the mnemonic technique, what this means as well as stands for, as well as why it matters America National politics.

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