There are many factors that go into choosing the right car shipping company to transport your vehicle. Oftentimes, people struggle with choosing one because they don’t know all the factors that go into an auto transport. Not only are you deciding to give your car to someone you don’t know very well, but you also are trying to find something cost effective and safe. It is a stressful task if you don’t do your research. To help make this task of choosing easier, we have compiled a small list of things to follow to ensure you choose the best company to ship with.



How to Ensure you Get a Good Car Shipping Company

1. Ensure you receive a locked in price quote.


We must inform you that not every company looks out for their customer’s best interest with price. Many times, an non-reputable auto transport company will provide you with a non-binding quote that goes up after you book. Some companies will say that a price is set, and then when you book and sign all the paperwork, the price miraculously raises. At that point, there is nothing left to do but to either cancel and go through the process all over again, or to suck it up and pay more money that you did not anticipate spending. Always make sure the quote you receive is as accurate to your transport path as possible before you book with a company. Ask your auto transport specialist a lot of questions. Read company reviews on trustworthy review websites. No one should have to pay more than what a transport is actually worth.

2. Visit the company website.


Do your research with your auto transport. A reputable auto transport company is bound to have a website where you can answer any question you may not have thought to ask an auto transport specialist when you called the company. If a company does not have a trustworthy site, they probably shouldn’t be who you book with. Go with a company that knows how to provide the information for anything you can think to ask a transport specialist.

3. Choose a company with good insurance.


Sometimes, accidents happen in auto transport. A bad storm causes a tree to topple onto a highway. An earthquake causes the carrier to tip over. Bad rain causes a carrier to crash. Should anything unfortunate or unwanted happen to your vehicle during transport, you are going to want to make sure the company you booked with can back up the insurance you already have on your vehicle with their own. Personal insurance companies only cover certain damages or accidents, and having an extra insurance with your auto transport company can save you from spending unwanted money to either fix or replace your vehicle.

4. Make sure the company you book with is always open.


A good auto transport company is going to ensure they are open whenever you need them. Auto transport and the travel industry does not stop. A good company is a company that values you and your business. They are always there to answer any question you may have, every day of the week. A lot of transport happens through the week and into the weekend, so if a company is not open during that time and something should go wrong, they won’t be able to assist you. You should always choose a company that can make sure you have all your questions answered in a timely manner.