COO Of ABG Is Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas

Al Badie group is one of the renowned group in the UAE. People love to work with ABG. The Al Badi group of companies is owned by the Al Badie family and it is a renowned, reputed and multi-discipline group of business in the UAE. When it was founded, a company has only a few employees, but later on, when ABG started working in different industries, more people are involved and now, the ABG has more than 1000+ employees who are working in distinct business activities of ABG. For the success of a company, it is important that the managerial level should be good and experienced. The Chief Operating Officer of ABG is Dr. Yaseen Alkamas. He has 23 years of experience in developing and implementing the business strategies as well as he is able to manage a range of complex and diverse projects through his career.

Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas plays a key role in the working procedure of the Al Badie group. He is an important person in ABG. Dr. Yaseen plays a vital role in enhancing the business and he is well capable of developing the business strategies which is good and beneficial for the Al Badie group of Companies.