You just bought a new vehicle from a dealership a few states away and you’re looking for cheap car shipping to get your car to you safely. The only problem is you aren’t sure where to turn. If you are looking for cheap auto transport, look no further than open air auto transport. Open air transport is seen as the cheapest option because the open car carriers can have 10 cars on one truck, unlike enclosed carriers.


Forms of Open Air Auto Transport

Terminal to Terminal Transport

There are many forms of open air transport. One of those ways is terminal to terminal car shipping. With terminal to terminal car shipping, however, time is not always on your side. Although terminals are great if you are low in funds, they tend to be slower than door to door shipping. Your vehicle is away from you for weeks at a time. It is also important to note that not all carriers like stopping at a terminal, so it can be difficult to get a pickup for terminal services.

Door to Door Transport

Another form of open air auto transport is door to door transport. With door to door transport, the driver is able to meet with you in a public location very close to your home. From there, they drive your vehicle to your new location. Once they reach the delivery location, the driver then meets with you, or your designated pickup person, at another public location close to your desired drop off spot. Door to door transports are seen as one of the cheapest forms of auto transport because these open carriers can be found easily on highways and on your designated path of travel, rather than an enclosed carrier.


Door to door transport does not mean that the driver literally picks your car up from your house and then drops it off directly at your new home. Not only would that be unsafe, but also is unwise for drivers, as most open carriers are not able to fit down many narrow roads or be near spaces with lots of debris or nature that could potentially damage the other vehicles on the carrier.

Choose the Correct Company

Always choose the correct car shipping company. Not every company values a customer’s wants and needs. A good company knows how to honor the quote they give you. A customer should never have to wonder if the transport they have is going to go up in price once they book with a company.


Frequently Asked Questions about Cheap Car Shipping


  1. How do I pay for my transport?


When your transport is booked and dispatched, you will be asked to pay a portion of your transport in the form of a deposit. As soon as the transport is complete, the remainder of the amount of your transport is paid to the driver of the carrier.


2. How much will my transport cost?


Transports vary in price, due to various factors. For one, where your vehicle is going and where it is coming from will determine the cost. Secondly, the price changes the further away a transport is to go from its pickup location, in terms of miles per dollar. It is also importantly to note that the size determines the price, as well. If your car is abnormally large, it will cost more money than if you had a standard sized car. The same goes for luxury vehicles versus standard vehicles. Lastly, your car transport price is determined by the season you choose to ship. You can expect to pay more during the summer than in the winter, as there is a higher demand for travel and transport during the summer months.