Looking for cool Europe countries this 2018? Without further ado, let’s see our list below.



Portugal has many tourist attractions in Lisbon and Porto. But this amazing country beautiful tourism is not only about these two popular cities.


You will find tons of spectacular destinations which include the abundant flora and fauna, national park, the landscapes, as well as cultures and traditions.


Here are top things to do in Portugal:


Historical aspects


Come to Palacio da Pena to get closer to the history of Portugal. Portugal is known for its classic palaces, castles, monasteries, as well as cathedrals. If you are architecture enthusiasts, you will be wowed.




Gastronomy is indeed the strong point in Portugal tourism. It is considered as one of the best on earth. Consider having fine dining experience from the fish and seafood menu.



When it comes to beaches, the Portugal is definitely one of the countries that you want to visit to enjoy the spectacle of the beach and activities. Consider checking Marinha Beach Algarve which will pamper all the beach goers.in this territory, you will find the most spectacular beaches that you can explore. Plus, don’t forget to take a look at the natural beauties the place offer to you. You will want to spend more time with your family, friends, or special one. The Portugal attractions that can be conducted here revolves around surfing, sunset, as well as sunbathing.




Speaking of the culture, what we know is the best is Fado. It is a melancholic music genre which touches every listener’s heart. If you are lucky, you will be able to watch the Fado Concert in Portugal.


People are fascinated with the landscapes offered by Portugal. You can start the tour from Lisbon to the coastline and the national parks. Some of the popular names are Serra da Estrela, Peneda Geres, and Alvão.




There are massive list of things to do in Spain, which is impossible to expose here. But we have come to conclusion on some of the best things you can do in 2018. Although we are not able to cover all the things to do in this country, you could rely on this reliable list.




Granada has been one of the most visited cities in Spain travel for many reasons. Amongst those, you could visit Alhambra. It is a giant fortress which is big enough to finish the whole day. El Ahmar, the first Nasrid King picked this building because it was the most noticeable in the city of Granada. This offers you such distinct view for photographic travel. It is fully open between March to October. So, make sure that you come in the right time.


Sierra Nevada


Skiing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains can be one of the most memorable things to do in Spain. Sierra Nevada is popularly known for its distinct ski resorts. It is very popular around the world due to the fact that you can explore the mountains and then head down to the beach in no time. Make sure to book your room earlier since it can get pretty crowded in the high season.


Barcelona architecture


Spain has a perfect architecture in barcelona. The most popular one that you should check is the Gaudi’s work. The structures of Gaudi can be seen in the Parc Guell. It is definitely one of the things that you want to take in your camera. Definitely one of the best what to do in Spain.


Las ramblas


If you just want to walk, try Las Ramblas. You will definitely spend hours in the location. The street is awesome for pedestrians. Along with incredible surrounding architecture, the street is accompanied with the markets which offer different specialties.




Many people know Sweded for ABBA, meatballs, and IKEA furniture. But there are too many things to do in Sweden that you can’t finish them all in just a week.


ABBA: The Museum


When you are conducting the trip to sweden, it won’t be completed without visitation to the ABBA Museum. It is located in Stockholm. As the name suggests, the museum is dedicated to the popular Swedish band that is popular because of its classic hits. The memorabilia is the thing that you will often see in this museum.



Drottningholm Palace


This palace is important to note as the Sweden tourism object because it is listed in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. The name of the palace literally means Queen’s Island. The palace is the permanent home of the King and Queen of Sweden. But with certain considerations, visitors can access the grounds of the palace. Take as many photos as you can to make good memories with your friends and family.




It is the name of the museum. You will see a lot of art of photography inside this place. The top popular photographers display their photos there. Not to mention that this museum has exhibited many photography events. The large exhibition space will pamper the art enthusiasts who want to take the good photos as the souvenirs, as well as aspire the true art of photography.



England is one of the most visited European countries. If you are wondering about things to do in London , there are a lot. Let’s take a look at the list.





You may have seen this exquisite structure in many medias. Now it is time to visit the well-known prehistoric monument. It is located in Shrewton, Wiltshire.


Tower of London

Wondering about what to do in london?  Consider visiting Tower of London. The Tower of London has been used for palace, vault, observatory, as well as prison. It is considered as the focal building in London, and England. This is the world heritage site which will take you to the most fantastic experience in England.


British Museum


In this museum, you will be able to enjoy the exquisite design of the Iron Age pieces. There are tons of antiques that you can find. The British museum has massive 13 million artifacts from many countries like Egypt, Greece,Assyria, Babylonia, Roman, China, and many European countries.