You are probably looking for a good invoice software because you spend too much time preparing invoices and quotations. In that case, I would recommend the handy software from Invoice Office. This is specially designed for companies and has all kinds of useful features that save you a lot of time from now on. The idea behind the software is that you can create online invoices free with just a few clicks and have it sent automatically to your customers. The software then keeps track of whether the relevant invoice has already been paid and sends a payment reminder if this is not yet the case.


So you don't have to go after it yourself if a customer forgets to pay, because the invoice software does that for you. It is smart, fast, and very easy to use. So, even people who have little understanding of computers can use it. Invoice Office also has a super handy app, on which you can use the billing software. There you just enter the amount, tap the name of the customer, and send it with the same ease. It is a super handy extra for entrepreneurs who are not on their computer all day and want to be able to draw up invoices directly on location to send to the relevant customer.


Invoicing software free for on the go


Because you can also send invoices and quotations via an app with the invoice software from Invoice Office, the software is ideal for entrepreneurs who are often on the road. For example, consider:

  • Roofers
  • Hairdressers at home
  • Painters

All these entrepreneurs can make invoices on-location via their telephone and send them directly to the relevant customer. This is ideal for those who don't want to have a laptop on hand all the time to sort things out. If you are at home or at the office, you can log in to the online environment and view the complete overview of all invoices that you have sent. The free invoicing software also gives you a clear overview of how your company is doing. And if you link them to the other software that Invoice Office offers for entrepreneurs, you can save even more time. A time that you can then invest in other things that grow your business.


Handy, online Invoice software for companies

In fact, at Invoicing Office you can not only find that handy invoice software, but they also offer many more useful online tools for companies. Think about the time and time registration. This is something that happens the fastest when it is done in a handy program, and you can also link this tool to the invoicing software free. You can then easily click on the hours you want to invoice, and the software processes them in the invoice. You can choose to apply a fixed hourly rate, but you can also set this amount per employee. After all, not everyone earns the same amount. With the handy software from you save a lot of time from now on because it is very handy and easy to use.