Why Learning Quran With Tajweed Is Important?

Quran is the word of Allah. It contains the truly unmatchable meanings and words that couldn’t be found in any book of any religion. It provides meaningful verses that work as the guidelines for the readers. The sublime language of the Holy Quran makes it special and different from all the other writings in the world especially from those which are in Arabic. Quran actually utilizes the decorated prose style which is unique and the recitation if done in a properly right manner makes this style more amazing and provides the reader the true experience of peace and satisfaction. This is why to have the complete understanding of the Holy Quran, it is necessary that you should do the reading with Tajweed. As Tajweed lets, you know the true meaning of what is written and this is how you are more able to learn the teachings of Islam at a deeper level. Beginners should first start with the Noorani Qaida and for the people who can’t tangibly be present at a place for learning; they can learn Noorani Qaida online by sitting at their home at their convenience. Tajweed is basically a word derived from the Arabic word and that is the articulation of the Arabic words like there are words and sounds in English, there are in Arabic too and those words are to be pronounced with the correct manner. In most of the parts of the world, the Muslims know the basics of Arabic but hardly any of them would have known about the pronunciation of the words and sounds in classical Arabic. For them, to learn the Quran, it is necessary that they learn it with Tajweed so that they correctly pronounce the words and sounds and they have the complete understanding of what’s been written in the Quran.

Importance of Tajweed in Holy Quran

Well, there is an ayah and according to that, there are the people who have believed and trust in the truthfulness of the Holy Quran and they believe on the message which the Holy Quran gives to the humanity. Those people are the ones who keep on reciting the Holy Quran in a manner it is actually supposed to be recited. That ayah shows that there is a proper way in which the Holy Quran should be recited and if someone is not reciting the Holy Quran in a proper way, he should do something about it. The matter here is very clear that the Holy Quran needs perfection in recitation. It needs a proper way in which it is to be recited. Muslims all over the world are learning Quran and almost less than half of them are those who read it with proper way, with Tajweed while the rest of them are those who recite the Holy Quran based on their ease and facility. According to another ayah of Quran, a reader needs a properly measured way to recite the Holy Quran. The way he needs should be based on a couple of pronunciation of the words which are offered in a right way so that they could be delivered by the person reading it in a right tone in a right manner. Sometimes it may also happen that the words if pronounced wrong can change their meanings. So to avoid such minor mistakes with bigger consequences, it is important that one should know the Tajweed while reciting the Holy Quran.


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