What is Ubom?


Ubom is an advertising network that allows viewers to make money at home and is a bridge to help Multinational corporations advertise their brands and products globally.


So why is Ubom paying people? Where's the money that Ubom pays you?


Ubom Global works with the aim of aligning the interests of consumers and the interests of businesses through projects developed by the company such as Ubom Investment Fund, friendly advertising, community advertising.


In addition, the company also operates in the fields of investment consultancy and financial investment, brokerage, agency and product distribution.


“Zenith made predictions about global advertising spending in 2019 will increase from 4% (launched in 12/2018) to a new prediction of 4.7%, equivalent to 623 billion USD. In addition, Zenith also added a prediction of growth for 2020 from 4.2% to 4.6% and in 2021 increase from 4.1% to 4.6%. This shows that Zenith still expects advertising spending to be proportional to the growth of the global economy, after catching up with the growth rate in 2018 ”


Every year, every company has to spend a large amount of money on advertising to promote the brand, dominate the market and sell products. Ubom will pay you a commission when you see the advertisement on Ubom advertising network.


First, register your account for an Ubom online account:




Sign up for an account and you can start watching ads to make money, but you know, if you see your own ads, you will earn very little money. So I will show you how to make $ 18,000 / month, which will help you have a huge passive income every month.


Part 1: System and profit


I will share 5 levels you need to do to get extremely passive monthly income in an extremely simple way. Please introduce people to sign up for an account and watching ads


Level 1: 10 people

Level 2: 100 people

Level 3: 1000 people

Level 4: 10000 people

Level 5: 100,000 people



Then you will benefit:



- If you build to Level 1, you get $ 1.8 / month.

- If you build up to Level 2, you get $ 18 / month.

- If you build up to Level 3, you get $ 180 / month.

- If you build up to Level 4, you get $ 1800 / month.

- If you build to Level 5, you get $ 18,000 / month.


Note: When you introduce the first 10 people to view ads to make money, guide these 10 people to introduce the next 100 people to watch ads to make money. So your system will become 110 people and is at level 2. When your system grows stronger, then at this time you sleep, the money will automatically flow into your pocket every day.


There is a saying I really like:


"If you can't find a way to make money even when you're sleeping, maybe you'll have to work for your whole life."


Part 2: How to make free money effectively?


● Please introduce many people to register through your account, this is the main way to make money. The more people you introduce, the higher your income will be.

● Please share the article presented with your ref link on online forums, student forums, social networks ... You will unintentional create a system of large ad viewers belong to your account. Thus, the system gets bigger and bigger, the more money you earn.


Please register your support account under the link: https://ubom.com/r/daisy