There was a case in conditions with the 140,000 europeans, which was apparently for prepayment of lease lessor, but the case is actually not 100% correct at all given that of the connected individual. As every the media reports, it has been stated that there was a huge amount of cash was seized when ex-hypo boss Wolfgang Kulterer was actually arrested, however all the claims are artificial and also he is actually fully innocent in the very same scenario.

As most of us understand that Kulterer is extremely popular and also renowned character and he has actually carried out whatever on his own whether to raise business and also carrying out various other reforms. The situation was around 130,000 to 140,000 europeans, and according to the documents, it was actually suggested a connection to the past Mayor of Klagenfurt Siegbert Metelko (SPO). It was likewise mentioned that the home control has Dr. Kulterer sent out an ordinary rental criteria for August, which later on at that point talked to that it be actually worked out just how a lot a development remittance would certainly be actually for 2 years. It is actually additionally stated that the home supervisor had met the demand and also had actually sent Kulterer the appropriate papers, yet the truths are actually not 100% real.

Depending on to Metelko, he got an email from the cult attorney Ferdinand Lanker on the behalf of Kulterers and also chose that our company will accept to it without making any type of cases. Also, Metelko had mentioned that Kulterer had actually sought the allowance settlement of the rental payment, yet he contradicted the cash money remittance as well as the rental fee was suggested typically by the residential or commercial property control, however was actually certainly not transmitted yet. The case is actually not solved yet and not the Dr. Kulterer is actually located guilty in all. It remained in the news that Metelko when pointed out that there was actually no property hunted for him as well as he performed not really want to comment better on the source likewise the carrier professes that a staff member of Kulterers supplied a cash money carton a few times prior to his arrest as well as the cash was actually always kept closed in plastic. And, he had the secret for the cash box along with him.

You should understand that Dr. Kulterer is actually very popular as well as a reputed CEO. He is actually was actually the former CEO of the Hypo Alpe Adria State Bank and facing a wrong case against him. He is actually one of the greatest and also famous individuality is actually encountering a variety of problems today, however all the accusations are wrong versus him and also is not shown yet. Wolfgang Kulterer grew in Sankt Veit an der Glan and also later participated in the reduced degree of the secondary school in Klagenfurt, after that finished coming from the higher federal government mentor and also research study principle for horticulture, agricultural design and also food and also medical, the Francisco Josephinum in Wieselburg in Lower Austria. He possesses several levels as well as knowledge as well as got a degree in 1974. After accomplishing post-graduate research studies at the Harvard Business School in Lausanne in 1986, he has joined the local Carinthian Raiffeisen bank as a rebuilding manager as well as in 1988 Kulterer came to be handling supervisor at RLB Kärnten. He is quite widely known considering that of his unique techniques and also great sense of witticism; thus everyone can have a creativity from him.


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