Do you know about the web push notification and why it is important for your website? Well, every website owner must know about the same as this is called as one of the best features can’t be ignored by the website owners. Push notifications are the best as it is much better than email and SMS because it captures a user’s attention immediately, but SMS and emails are not.

Web Push notifications were fristly introduced by Chrome in early 2015 with its 42 version, where 2 new APIs that together allowed sites to push native notifications to their users and work even after the page is closed. No matter whether the user is watching a movie or reading an article on his desktop or mobile, or doing anything else, when a push notification arrives, the use will surely check it out as their attention is immediately shifted to that. That is why these push notifications are very popular as they can easily fetch the attention of the users as well as they have ability to reach your users even when users are not in your app or website. The user may check or discard the notification depending on their choice.

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