There was actually an instance in phrases with the 140,000 europeans, which was allegedly for early repayment of rent property manager, yet the case is certainly not 100% real in any way due to the linked person. As every the media records, it has been said that there was a sizable quantity of cash was actually confiscated when ex-hypo supervisor Wolfgang Kulterer was apprehended, but all the accusations are actually bogus and also he is actually entirely innocent in the similar instance.

As our experts all understand that Kulterer is really popular as well as distinguished personality and also he has actually done every little thing on his personal whether to rise business as well as carrying out various other reforms. The scenario was around 130,000 to 140,000 europeans, and as per the documents, it was actually suggested a hookup to the past Mayor of Klagenfurt Siegbert Metelko (SPO). It was actually additionally claimed that the home monitoring possesses Dr. Kulterer sent a regular service criteria for August, which eventually then inquired that it be figured out the amount of an advancement settlement would certainly be actually for two years. It is additionally pointed out that the residential property manager had actually fulfilled the request as well as had sent out Kulterer the appropriate papers, but the realities are not 100% real.

Depending on to Metelko, he acquired an email coming from the creed legal professional Ferdinand Lanker on the behalf of Kulterers and made a decision that our company would accept it without creating any sort of cases. Likewise, Metelko had pointed out that Kulterer had actually asked for the accommodation payment of the lease, yet he contradicted the cash payment and the lease was actually suggested normally through the property control, however was actually not transferred however,. The instance is certainly not fixed however and certainly not the Dr. Kulterer is condemned whatsoever. It resided in the information that Metelko once said that there was actually no residence looked for him as well as he did not desire to comment even more on the reason also the carrier declares that a worker of Kulterers delivered a money carton a few days prior to his detention and also the money was actually always kept closed in plastic. And also, he possessed the secret for the cash package along with him.

You must recognize that Dr. Kulterer is quite widely known and also a reputed CEO. He is was the former CEO of the Hypo Alpe Adria State Bank as well as experiencing an inappropriate situation against him. He is just one of the most effective and also well-known character is actually dealing with different concerns today, however all the accusations are wrong versus him as well as is certainly not confirmed yet. Wolfgang Kulterer grew in Sankt Veit an der Glan and also later on went to the lesser degree of the secondary school in Klagenfurt, after that got a degree coming from the greater federal teaching and study principle for horticulture, farming engineering and food items and biotechnology, the Francisco Josephinum in Wieselburg in Lower Austria. He possesses different levels as well as knowledge and graduated in 1974. After completing post-graduate research studies at the Harvard Business School in Lausanne in 1986, he has actually participated in the local area Carinthian Raiffeisen banking company as a rebuilding supervisor and in 1988 Kulterer came to be handling supervisor at RLB Kärnten. He is incredibly famous as a result of his one-of-a-kind methods and also fantastic sense of humour; hence everyone may have an ideas from him.


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