Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas Takes The Responsibility Of ABG’s Daily Operations

Al Badie group was founded in 1967 and it is one of the famous and reputed group of companies in the United Arab Emirates. ABG has a diversified business that includes every industry from property development and hospitality to IT companies, hotels, auto leasing and rental, insurance, finance, water and electricity, oil and gas, travel and tourism, telecommunication, general manufacturing, defence projects, health care and earth moving machinery. A person who holds a key position of a company has to work a lot as well as he or she has to manage lots of thingsefficiently. Being a COO of ABG, Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas takes the responsibility of managing the daily operations of the Al Badie group and also deliver the service on time. Dr. Yaseen precise report to the CEO and VP of ABG Mr. Khaled Al Badie.

Dr. Yaseen Alkamas is a key person of ABG, so he has a lot of responsibility on his shoulders. He is liaising with various corporate parties and he has to participate in all corporate strategies and programs. He has a very big responsibility of the company and he is to plan all the company’s program and strategies and work on it to execute it properly.