Check The Details About Yaseen AlKamas

Al Badie group is the most famous and oldest group of UAE and to work in the same group can be a matter of proud. Here, we are going to talk about the very famous personality who has years of experience and serving the group in the best possible manner.

Yaseen AlKamas is a well known personality and he is serving as a COO of the Emirati trade & investment leader in Al Badie Group. He is the one having great years of experience in the investment and trade domain and performing so well to grab amazing success and name of the group. Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas always takes on the responsibility of managing the group’s day to day operations and delivering timely and precise reports to the highest-ranking executive that is- Mr. Khaled Al Badie, with whom Dr. Yaseen has established a distinctive level of mutual understanding, appreciation and friendship. There are various other innovative and amazing plans Dr. Yaseen has introduced which has actually improved the goodwill, success and profit of the group.

Dr. Yaseen has years of experience as well as he came up from the strongest academic background, hence no wonder how he has acquired the top-level position in the Al Badie Group along with other amazing firms.