Prices for car shipping usually are determined by a couple different variables. Rates can fluctuate regularly, so the auto transport company you book with is not able to provide you with a set price on a route without details. For this reason, many car transport companies will provide their customers a quote or estimate.

 Main Details Considered:

  • Route variations
  • Weight/size
  • Total mileage
  • Current diesel or fuel rates

Note: More miles on a common route costs less per mile.

Special Situations


Sometimes your car that is being shipped is inoperable. In these situations, you might benefit from a winch service. These services can reach prices of up to $300 and is determined based on the size of the vehicle. If your car is a luxury or exotic car, you may benefit from services like enclosed car transport. Because your car is on a covered trailer, it will cost more to transport. These services will cost, on average, around $300 to $600 more than the price it would cost to ship on an open-air car carrier. Should you need to expedite your shipment, you can request it. You can also request a top-load placement on your car carrier. These will add cost as well.

Factors that Determine Car Shipping Cost


Vehicles large in size tend to cost more to ship. Numerous SUVs, cargo vans, pickup trucks and minivans have an overweight shipping fee because of the extra size and weight when shipping. If you have one of these vehicles, understand that a larger vehicle is going to cost more than a standard vehicle on the same route. Standard vehicles will be given a normal price and vehicles that reach up to the size of a full-size sedan is not subject to oversized shipping costs.

Your vehicle’s condition can also affect your auto transport quote. There are extra fees if a car is not operable and requires the driver to move it with a winch. You may also face hardships in finding a driver who has a winch on their carrier, as not every driver does. Everything is based on availability.

If you are interested in enclosed auto transport, you have the option to request it. Enclosed transport gives your vehicle better protection from unwanted weather and debris, unlike open air auto transport. Even though enclosed car transport costs more than open air transport, you can still have peace of mind knowing your vehicle is protected from anything unforeseen that could damage it.

Prices Always Vary


Prices for your vehicle transport will always vary. As you have seen above, there are numerous factors that go into auto transport. Trying to get an accurate price without all the necessary details will be extremely difficult. To ensure you are satisfied with your price, gather all of your information before you call your desired auto transport company. This will be the only way for you to get the right price you are looking for.