A downright eerie, spiritual epiphany kind of story that will certainly stir something in you. Madeline is a mysterious elder, who, one day appears in an old desolate home, living down the road from Taylor. This obscure woman calls Taylor one evening out of the blue on an old wired phone Taylor hardly used. Madeline brings Taylor into her good graces, then begins somewhat of an odd connection, which grows into an unusual sort of relationship. Taylors consciousness expands after living totally in the material world. Taylor acquaints Jessie, her old best friend, whom she was on the outs with for years after they had a falling out. Jessie one day shows up on Taylor's doorstep missing her, yearning to heal their differences, as Jessie was facing a life-threatening illness. Jessie began to understand, in order to truly heal from illness; she must forgive everyone in her life. Taylor was at the top of the forgiveness list. Jessie and Taylor quickly realized they both had strange occurrences to sort out. Crazy and mysterious things are shared. As fast as Madeline shows up, she secretively disappears. But not without vital and life-altering information that shakes Taylor's and Jessie's world.The question is, is she real or imagined? Does it really matter? You be the judge.The healing journey continues.."Oh Jessie." (2019-2020) . visit