Online Quran Tutor - All You Need To Know

As a Muslim, it is a thing of pride and joy to be able to gain the knowledge and wisdom of the Quran, and it will be termed Jihad to pay the world to gain that knowledge.


However, looking for a Quran teacher has proven to be more difficult than most Muslims anticipated considering a larger population of the world are Muslims, and there is always a mosque in sight.

Online Tutors

To take away the stress of searching for a tutor, online Quran classes have sprung up all over the internet to help Muslims who want to learn the Quran in remote areas, those that don’t have access to a physical Quran teachers and Muslims living in areas of the world who can’t openly express or practice their Islam, especially reading the Quran.

Online Quran academy has eased the stress by providing interested Muslim student with a teacher who will put them through on a wonderful journey of learning the Quran at their own convenience.

Online Quran classes have made it easy for Muslims all around the world to finally get a chance to study the Quran and also learn it perfectly. Furthermore, online Quran classes understand that students are different, hence work according to the student’s age, background, and level of understanding the Quran.

Characteristics of a good Online Quran Tutor

Knowledge of the Quran

There is no way to teach the Quran without knowing about the basics. Although different online Quran classes have tutors for every subject, it is paramount that the teacher has the Quran knowledge first.

Also, knowledge of Arabic is a must for an online Quran tutor as it will portray a negative effect on the whole academy that the tutor belongs to if he/she can speak Arabic. Furthermore, if the student is a convert or a beginner in learning the Quran, a tutor that can’t answer a simple question or put the student through is a shame not only to the academy but to Islam as a whole.

Recitation Accuracy

Aside from looking for a teacher with the knowledge of the Quran, another important attribute is can they read the Quran properly because as a beginner student or a kid, having the wrong pronunciation can affect your own knowledge of reciting the Quran.

So when you are seeking for an online tutor, ask the following question regarding

            •           What is their knowledge of reciting the Quran from memory?

            •           Do they understand Tajweed and how to apply it in reading the Quran Properly?

            •           Can they speak Arabic and how many times have they memorized the Quran or if they have participated in any Quran competition

            •           What is their Quran recitation background and how long ago have they been teaching Quran recitation online?

            •           What is their cultural background? This might sound discriminatory, but when it comes to the Quran, a background of Arabic goes a long way to recitation correctness in the tutor.

            •           Finally, if the tutor is for children or younger children; ask them how long ago have they tutored children and if they have other clients that can vouch for them.


Whether you are an online or offline Quran teacher, aside from the reward you get from teaching the Quran, it is a tough job. It is a job that slaps you in the face and pushes your buttons the wrong way. However, patience is a virtue for all Muslim, especially for an online Quran tutor.

The tutor should be ready and willing to repeat a topic until he is satisfied that the student fully comprehends before moving to the next topic.

Moral Decency

Although this is a character between the tutor and Allah SWT, it is rather eminent that a good Quran teacher should draw the limit between teaching and indulging in other negative behavior that can influence the student.

This means any online Quran tutor should abstain from using foul language, extremism, gossiping, sexual talks, and molestation, or social vices like drinking, smoking or indulge in an illicit affair with the student.

Even though the gender doesn’t eliminate the teacher from doing bad, parents have the right to demand female tutors for their female wards and male tutors for male wards and elderly tutors for seniors.

Yes, online Quran tutors are human and aren’t infallible, but if your child is not living up to the teachings of the Quran, you have to look into the matter immediately or change the teacher. Furthermore, keep tabs on your children, and if possible attend a class with your children.

Creating a connection with the Student

The Quran is a conversation meant to move the listener and learner, without the connection, the student gains nothing even with the best teachers

Having a strong connection with your students allows the teacher to tutor the student better and keep them interested even through difficult topics like Tajweed.

The online Tutor should also be interested in the student’s outside life like school, and how they are faring at home; this will make the student free, humble, and excited before each class.


To crown, all the attributes listed above a good online Quran tutor should be confident after all the Quran is a book that installs confidence in the reader and listener.

Furthermore, an online tutor should exude confidence as this young generation can see through you, especially on the net.

The Quran is a complete way of life, hence the teacher should ensure he installs in the student the confidence, and strong personality described in the Quran.

Duties of an Online Quran Tutor

Respect the Quran

إِنَّ الدِّينَ عِندَ اللّهِ الإِسْلاَمُ وَمَا اخْتَلَفَ الَّذِينَ أُوْتُواْ الْكِتَابَ إِلاَّ مِن بَعْدِ مَا جَاءهُمُ الْعِلْمُ بَغْيًا بَيْنَهُمْ وَمَن يَكْفُرْ بِآيَاتِ اللّهِ فَإِنَّ اللّهِ سَرِيعُ الْحِسَابِ ﴿١٩﴾

Suratul Al- Imran 19

“Surely the (true) religion with Allah is Islam, and those to whom the Book had been given did not show opposition.”

From the above verse, it is evident that the Quran is a book from Allah SWT and not to be compared with any other. It is the online Quran teacher’s responsibility to empower the student with the capabilities of the Quran before the class begins.


The student should be made aware of the things you can’t do with the Quran like object can’t be placed on it, touching the Quran without ablution, or pureness of intention, etc is not allowed.

This way the student knows the importance of the Quran and respects it even more prior to the class.

Talk about a verse and the meaning - The Quran is not another piece of a compilation of words; it is the word of Allah SWT as reveal through angel Jibril to the prophet Muhammad SAW, undoubtedly.

In each verse, every ayah that makes up the verse is pregnant with a message for the Muslim to know, and use in their daily lives.


The Online tutor is responsible for ensuring that the student ponders over what message a verse reveals to them before moving on, this way they will memorize the Quran faster, and more efficiently.

Teach the Quran with Tajweed - This is a must; even the Quran specifically stated how it should be read. Tajweed is part of accepting the faith and teachings of the Quran.


Some mistakes to avoid when choosing an online Quran teacher

Looking for a tutor with Arabic lineage – we are not saying this option is wrong as a tutor with the Arabic language as the mother tongue will definitely teach the Quran better, but it should not be a pre-requisite.

There are lots of tutor out there that are not of Arab origin and teach the Quran so well, you will be left amazed. In fact, they are so good that even an Arab speaking person is wow by their fluency and recitation of the Quran.

As parents or adults looking for an online Quran tutor, don’t lean towards origin and language, the prophet SAW was not learned, but he taught all that he came across the Quran and the essence of Islam.

Choose the appropriate gender for your child - When your children are young, the teacher might not matter, but in keeping with the traditions of Islam, it is best you pair your child with a similar gender to avoid then sending or getting the wrong message.

This might seem insignificant but always pair the right gender with your child as soon as they come of age (puberty/maturity). For example, the Quran is not to be touched by women during her menstruation; she can easily communicate with her female online tutor than with a male tutor.

Why choose online Tutor for Quran Lesson

            •           Safety and security – gone are the days where you send your child to the home of a Quran teacher for hours without knowing what is happening to your child or children.

With the rate of predatory behavior, online Quran classes are proving to be better at keeping our children safe and learn all the basics of the Quran from excellent and certified teachers.

            •           Keep a close eye on them – because the Quran classes are online and in the comfort of your home, you can keep tabs on their process and be sure that they are actually getting the right tutoring meant for them,

It also means you can also speak with the teacher if you are not satisfied with any aspect of the program.

            •           It is affordable – most people that use the services of online Tutors reside outside the Arab countries, but the best part is that the fees are affordable and with a different plan to choose from, you know you are getting your money’s worth from the teacher.

            •           Swift and convenient – unlike physical school where you have a long process for registration where different demands are made like birth certificate, school results, and a whole lot of other, online registration don’t demand most of the stuff.

They just ask for the basic, so that you can be contacted if your child has an issue, or if they have a problem. Otherwise, you need like 5 to 10 minutes to complete the registrations.

            •           Payment System – because it is online, payment mode is swift and easy to use. Most sites accept regular bank transfer, PayPal, or other transfer through other means that is convenient for you.

            •           Free Trials – most online Quran classes give new pupils a free trial to justify why you have to work with them, which is clearly not possible with regular offline classes. Some even go as far as giving your money back if you aren’t satisfied with the lessons.


            •           Flexibility – online classes are flexible, that doesn’t mean we should disrespect the teacher or fail to appear at the right time. Moreover, the student should adhere to the Islamic code of dressing before all class to maintain the high standard of decorum between them.

Finally, the best part about online Quran tutor is you get to pick your tutor, most online sites have a long list of teachers listed out for the clients to go through them. They also give you the privilege to ask questions about the system and any doubts you may have about their program.

Online Quran Tuition

The tuition fee depends on the site and the program you are applying for with the online academy.

The plans go for as low as 10 dollars per month to almost 100 dollars/month. However, it depends on the course you are taking.

            •           For student learning the basic Arabic alphabet, the cost is cheap, but courses like Tajweed, Tafseer, and others cost more.

            •           Secondly, the price also depends on how many hours a day or week will the program run and what time is comfortable for you. Classes run for about 30 minutes a day/ 5 days a week to 45 minutes to an hour.

            •           Thirdly, the price defers in the country of original, you can pay an online Quran tutor 100 dollars in the USA for a 30 minutes a day’s class for 5 days, but this same class will go for 150 pounds/Euro in London or Europe.

            •           The Quran is meant to be learned, recited, and taught to others, and online Quran tutors are making the job easier faster, and fun.

            •           If you are looking for an online Quran tutor, go online, we are sure you will find one that checks all the boxes for you.

May Allah SWT increase our Ibadah and grant us forgiveness – Ameen.

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