Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas - Group Chief Operating Officer of ABG

The people who are living in the UAE are very familiar with the Al Badie group, but there are many people who don't know about ABG. ABG is also known as Al Badie Group which was founded in 1967. The group was founded before the foundation of the United Arab Emirates. When a group was founded, there are only a few employees who start working with ABG, but at the present time, ABG is involved in diverse business activities and it has a huge number of employees. ABG has the strong managerial level, the group Chief Operating Officer is Dr. Yaseen Al Kamas. Apart from Group COO, he is holding some other role in a group, he is a Project Development Director in Property Development industry, Project Development Director in Marine, Project Development Director of Infrastructure, Power, Desalination, and water recycling.

Dr. Yaseen has over 23 years of experience in implementing and developing business strategies and he is managing a wide range of different and complex projects at the same time. Throughout the entire career life, he was well capable of managing all kinds of projects efficiently. Dr. Yaseen Alkamas has a 23 year of experience in developing and implementing the business strategies.