Benefits Of Catering Companies In Cape Town

Events or parties generally, be it annual presentations, wedding parties, retirement parties, provide the attendees an opportunity to interact with people from different fields of life, network and build relationships. Perhaps you want to organize a party,‘Out of this planet catering’ is one of the catering companies in Cape Town, and here are some benefits to convince you that hiring our service is an awesome idea.

Less Stress for You

Have you ever being in charge of organizing a party or even a corporate event? Carrying out this task is very stressful because lots of details have to be attended to before the D-day, during the event and after the event itself. Delegating this menu aspect of the event to your chosen catering company takes a part of the responsibility off your shoulders. Our catering service covers a team of servers to ensure that things run smoothly.

Good Menu Options

Trying to handle the food for your party by yourself sets a kind of limit for you because you would not be able to explore the different meals that exist due to the constraint of time and the stress involved. Even if you successfully buy and cook the meals at two of your events, on getting to the third, people would definitely be expecting something new.

We offer varying menu options for your event, to suit your taste and that of everyone on your guest list.


Catering companies in-Cape Town have a wide range of experience, they are not new to the job, which is a great advantage for you as the organizer of an event. You do not have to worry if we are capable or not because that is our job, and we are good at it. The size of your party is not a challenge, we know the best fitting food for your event, and the precise financial budget to cover the food and drinks that would serve all your guests without lapses.


Catering companies Cape Town will keep your mind at rest so that you can divert your attention the other important aspects of your event and enjoy yourself. Have you ever wondered why some organizers take ill after their parties? It is largely because their minds were not at rest all through the event, the kept wondering if Mr. A or Mrs. B is well taken care of during the party.

Why not hire the service of our catering company to rid yourself of the unnecessary worry and be comfortable?

More time, more money

Hours are spent in planning an event generally, and the same goes for buying food stuff, preparing, cooking and dishing the food at events. If you would be doing all these, imagine how many hours you would spend to clean up again when your guests are done eating and the party is over. As caterers we are skilled to do all these and we even have very affordable packages. That way, you have more time for other things and more money in your pocket.

The beauty of hosting an event is to partake of it and enjoy every bit of it with a peaceful mind.


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