The holy Quran is the book for all – no age group is restricted from reading or learning the Quran; from the moment a child is born, the verses of the Quran are whispered in the ears to show that “there is no god but Allah”. The Shahadah is the beginning of a child witnessing the power and omnipresence of Allah in their life.

The knowledge of the Quran is knowledge every Muslim need throughout their life on earth, and it is only possible through proper comprehension. It will help you in the future and guarantees a place in Jannatul Firdaus.

The holy Quran is the book sent directly from Allah (SWT) through the Angel Jibril (AS) to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), it is the last and final message from Allah (SWT).

The recitation of the Quran is compulsory in the life of every Muslim, hence the need to acquire the proper knowledge, and guidance while you learn it.

To learn the Quran properly, you need a reliable tutor -mind you, anyone with the knowledge of Arabic and ability to speak Arabic can teach the Quran, but we dare not go against the Quran verse that says, this book should be read properly.

Learning the Quran Online

The conventional way of reading the Quran was to go to a mosque where the tutor was or a local Quran school located at a tutor’s compound or home where the pupils or Quran students are seated on the mat laid on the floor and the tutor on a high pedestal with a whip, teaching them the Quran.

Fast forward to the 21st century, teaching and learning the Quran has moved to use technology as Islam spread around the world far away from tutors that can teach them the essence of the Quran.

Learning Quran Online is the most reliable method for Muslims around the world, online Quran Academy like are doing a great job propagating the knowledge and wisdom of the Quran through online platform and chat sites giving Muslims the time to learn the Quran at their own convenience.

This method has proven to be very effective, reliable, and easy for everyone with a computer and an internet connection.

Online Quran Classes for Kids

As mentioned above, Muslims of all ages must learn the Quran, but with a schedule and busy lifestyle of most Muslim parents around the globe, it is harder that one thinks. However, it is the responsibility for Muslim parents to ensure that their kids learn the Quran. This is a Sunnah that must be performed by all Muslim parents towards their kids. Furthermore, kids learning the Quran in the early years will grow with the teachings of the Holy Book and become model Muslims in society. It is also easy for them to comprehend the different facets of the Quran better while their brain is still fresh and the soul free of sin and worldly distractions.

Choosing the right Online Quran School for your kids

Before Quran online classes, Muslim parents living in non Arab speaking countries and cities around the world complained of lack of Arabic speaking tutors who can teach their kids the basics of the Arabic language. Others complained about the kids been in school more than half the day hence don’t have time for Quran classes, but all that has changed with the introduction of online Quran classes and tutors.

Choosing an Online Quran Tutor for Kids

Even though learning the Quran is mandatory for every Muslim, choosing the right Quran teacher is also a factor that parents should critically look into before enrolling their kids.

Some considerations to put in mind are:

The online Quran School – they are so many online, it can be really confusing and overwhelming for busy Muslim parents. However, check the reputation of the academy and how others have reviewed it. Contact the school and inquire on any aspect that is not clear to you. Since you will be enrolling your kids, be clear about your needs and how they can be fulfilled in the life of your kids.  Visit for more information.

Their Schedule -  kids go to school and parents work, ensure that there is a consideration for evening classes maybe after La’asar when most kids will be at home with their parent or guardians.

The Tutors – tutoring kids is difficult, and tutoring them online is not the easiest either due to unnecessary distractions that are beyond your control. It is imperative for the parents to inquire if they have tutors for children, and how long they have been tutoring kids. If you like the same gender teacher for your kids, ask the school too.

The payment - while we will not give you the price charged by online Quran School – it is left for you to find out the cost and what it entails after the completion. Options like a free trial, discount, timing flexibility, and certificate of attendance.

Test the Tutor

Since you can’t see the teacher before your kids become part of the School, it is important to know who will be tutoring your kids and how good they are in the recitation of the Quran with the proper Tajweed.

During the trial period, take note of the following 

            •           The reaction of the teacher towards your kid

            •           Does he/she use the salaam before each class?

            •           Is the teacher patient and friendly?

            •           How did he/she start the class?

            •           Was the teacher on time?

            •           Does the teacher know the Tajweed and how to implement it properly?

            •           How were the Qiraat and Tajweed of the teacher?

            •           Did the teacher take the class over to ensure the kid understood the lesson?

            •           Does he/she teach other basics like the call to prayer, kalmat’ul shahadah, and other supplication like Alhamdulilah after an appreciation, etc?

            •           Finally, pray to Allah (SWT) to help you make the right choice in an online academy for your kids.

Benefits of online Quran Teachers for your Kids

Although the benefits listed here aren’t for kids alone, they will help parents across the world get that peace of mind knowing that their kids are safe.

            •           A weekly or monthly progress and performance report - Probably one of the most genuine reasons why online Quran classes for kids are good, they keep track of the child’s progress and report as at when due to the parents. This will allow parents to know how well their kids are doing and follow up to ensure they understand the Quran well.

            •           Teachers from all over the globe - probably the best feature of online Quran classes are the availability of tutors from anywhere in the world. Your choices are limitless, giving you the means to relate with a tutor that is comfortable for your kids either by background, language, or location.

            •           It is Consistent - When tutoring kids, consistency is the key to comprehending the Quran, so if the classes are every day by 4 pm, keep that date mind and ensure you have all the preparation ready for the tutor before the class starts. A gap in learning the Quran is knowledge wasted for the kid and time for the teacher.

            •           It is cost-efficient - Compared with enrolling your kids in an actually Quran school, online Quran classes are proving to be affordable and better for many parents and their kids, with online classes, you can find a teacher register, start the class/course and become good at reciting the Quran all in the comfort of your home at 1/10th of the price of going to a real Quran school.

            •           Kids Classes are Super Fun - If you have never attended a kid Quran class, then you will never know why they keep going back. When your child starts with an online Quran class, you will notice them also humming and singing beautiful Arabic tunes around the home. All this is part of comprehending the basic and building a solid base for the tougher times.

            •           Safety - These times are full of evil even though we know and believe in destiny as a Muslim, it will be unwise not to take precaution to safeguard ourselves or our children. Online Quran for kids has provided that security platform for our kids. It does mean bad things don’t happen online as technology can be pretty deceptive, but we can control and ensure that our kids are learning the Quran as intended and nothing else.

            •           It is Convenient - What could be better than learning in the comfort of your home? That is the singular factor why online Quran classes are good. It gives your kids a chance to learn at their pace – slow and steady in the comfort of their home.

            •           Private Tutoring - Online Quran classes accord the kid with a private tutor that caters to their need alone without competition or comparison with others. This allows the teacher to pay full attention and give their best to the kid.

            •           Flexible Timing - Online Quran classes offer kids the amenities to combine regular school work with the Quran classes. It allows the kids to stay in touch with the book without forgetting their regular school work. In fact, Quran recitation will enhance the school work in the life of the child.

Online classes offer 24/7, any time of the week making classes as fun as possible too.

“I am leaving behind among you the Holy Book and Sunnah, if you follow these in letter and spirit you will never be strayed”

Online Quran Courses for Kids

Depending on the background of the child, Quran Online for kids takes different forms; for example, a good Quran academy should note if the child in question is of Arab descent or not.

Knowing the child’s background afford the teacher the authority to draft a lesson plan that will ease them into the knowledge of the Quran without any problem, it also trains the tongue in the language of Arabic which is the original text that the Quran was written when it was revealed.

Even though some people disagree that a non Arab can learn the Quran, having prior knowledge of the Arabic language is the difference between becoming a hafiz and ultimately a Quran online tutor tomorrow.

Furthermore, Arabic helps the child to follow the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad in reading the Quran the same way it was revealed and taught to him 1400 years ago. Some online Quran courses for children are

Basic Arabic for beginners – this is the recommended course, especially for children juts been introduced to the Quran.

            •           Learning the Qaidah (Creed) of Islam

            •           Introduction to Quran reading

            •           Combining the Alphabets to form words

            •           Quran recitation with Tajweed

            •           Learning the Shahadah and other supplication in Islam

            •           Learning to memorize verses in the Quran

            •           Learning the Quran through transliteration and translations

            •           Arabic grammar, speaking, and construction

How to get started with an online Quran Classes

Most online Quran classes are through the internet hence every potential student must have the following to ensure a smooth Quran teaching process

            •           A computer, tablet or large display viewing device

            •           A headphone or good hearing device to attach to the viewing device

            •           A good internet connection

            •           Active Skype Account and ID

Online Quran Classes for Kids in Australia

Learning the Quran is no longer restricted to distance as people all over the globe now have access to teachers and academy that will teach you the Quran just as the Prophet was taught.

Are you looking for a good online Quran class in Australia? Are you a Muslim parent interested in learning the Quran for yourself of kids? You now have the opportunity to do just that with a good academy. has been teaching Muslims all over the world the Quran through the internet. We have teachers from all over the world, vast in the knowledge of Arabic and the Quran to help you perfect your reading skills.

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