Different Types Of High Quality Book Binding Services Online With PRINTSQUARE

Printsquare is a famous printing service providerin South Korea, the company specializes in printing all kinds of books, art or educational. It also prints magazines and catalogues at affordable prices. PRINTSQUARE has a stock of the best kind of paper for printing and the customershave an option to pick the type of printing paper they wants for printing. The stock contains gloss, or matte, Hi-Plus, Hi-Q matte, Hi-Q Mystic, Uncoated, Premium. New Plus, or Textbook.It combines many types of services along with the printing, it picks the right kind of packing material to pack the books printed, helps the client with customer services, selects a reliable courier to deliver the order.

Its official website https://www.printsquare.net/ is interactive, the client have an instantquotation, which is given online immediately with their order specifications such as paper types and weight as well as the number of copies. Clients can also choose their desired shipping options. After looking at the quote and order placemte, the client can upload the document that needs to be printed, and adds further instructionsif needed. To facilitate the customer there is an online chat box as well, where the customer can type a question and get an answer any time of the day.  This unique printing facility employed by Printsquare makes life easier for its customers who no longer have to depend on a lengthy exchange of emails or long telephone conversation before placing and getting confirmation for their orders.

The firm is famous for printing hardcover book. This type of book come with a hard cover and unlike paper backs it can lie flat on a surface because it is bound with thick protective cover, which is rigid. It also, if ordered, use hardcover book binding. There a various methods of hardcover bindings.Usually pages are arranged in order of page numbers and glued together; another way of hard binding a book is to sew the pages together. The company also uses saddle stitching, perfect and wire binding, these are different ways of binding a book, and the company uses them in the binding process of books.