If you are thinking of using a secure and one of the most popular auto auction platforms to sell or buy car inventory then TradeRev is a must-to-explore website. You can join it right now and experience the incredible benefits it has to offer. Have a look at what it is and what it has to offer:

What is TradeRev Car Auctions?

TradeRev is like many auto auctions platforms out there where you can buy or sell cars at wholesale rates from the comfort of your home or office. However, what sets it apart is the team behind it. TradeRev is not just developed by a suit wearing corporate team, it’s carefully crafted by a group of car enthusiasts who are passionate about the auto industry.

This is the reason why they have very low fees on buy and sell of cars and a lot of features that every dealer needs to ensure they get the best deal. Dealers from all around the Canada can connect and move their wholesale inventory faster and at better prices.

Both the sellers and the buyers agree to the pricing that benefits both of them so that no one leaves the TredRev platform feeling they’ve not received value for their money.

TradeRev Car Auction Pricing:

The pricing of the TradeRev platform is strategically set to benefit all kinds of dealers whether they are independent sellers or large organizations. The company offers two plans; Standard and Pro. Standard one has no subscription charges but offers limited benefits, while the Pro membership has many incredible advantages and costs only $199 a month. You can view their pricing policies here.

The selling fee per transaction is $25 for standard for vehicles under $500 while Pro members don’t have to pay anything for under $500 transactions. Similarly, the buying fee is $60 for standard members for $500 and under and just $30 for Pro members. The fee increases for both plans as the size of transaction increases.

Key Features of TradeRev Car Auctions:

  • Membership Benefits: As discussed above, TradeRev Car Auctions offers two types of plans, standard and Pro. The first one has limited benefits while the Pro membership offers a range of advantages and has lower fees as well. The first one is bet for independent dealers, while the Pro membership benefits large dealerships.
  • Right From Your Mobile: Everything can be done, whether it’s to launch a 45 minute auction or do bidding on a freshly listed car, you can do it all right from your mobile phone. An intuitive dashboard on the mobile app allows easy functionality.
  • Research Tool: The in-app research tool allows you to receive real-time data of any vehicle that is listed on the app. You can also use various search filters to find the car you need without having to comb through the entire platform.
  • Transactional Services: The company has a team dedicated to handle our funds and streamline your transactions. From real-time quotes to one-click funds transfer, you can do everything right for a single dashboard.
  • Fresh Trades: The platform allows dealers to launch the vehicles as soon as they arrive on their lots allowing them to sell the cars without wasting any time. Similarly, buyers get access to the cars before they resurface on other remarketing platforms.

Once you have purchased a car lot, you can use a professional vehicle transport company to ship it to your location. The main benefit of leveraging 3rd party car shipping companies is that they offer discounts on multiple vehicles and they can also handle the cars better as they ship vehicles on a daily basis.


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